“I was looking for someone that understood the body and its limitations due to wear and tear or injury.
I joined Ruth’s classes and over a period of time I noticed subtle changes to my body.
Due to these changes I approached Ruth for one to one sessions.
Over a 6 Week period of sessions Ruth took me through a range of yoga,stretches and posture awareness that allowed my body to free up and allow more range of movement for both my knees and hips especially.
Ruth is a very knowledgable person who has a lot of experience.
Her style is very personalised to the individual so I got a lot out of my sessions.
I know have less pain in my knees on a daily basis and I have achieved an increase in my range of movement which has then allowed the muscle to improve in strength.
As a sports massage therapist I’m very happy to advice my clients to try Ruth classes out whether it be a group or one to one session.”

Melanie Pearce


“It would be my pleasure to describe my wonderful experiences at your yoga – it’s just one of those wonderful things in life which revives the spirit!”

Debra Cheesman

“Feeling too fat, unfit and vulnerable, I sought out Ruth Polden for one-to-one yoga sessions, with a view to not becoming any stiffer in my body, so that I could continue playing with my grandchildren for as long as possible.
Wow! The benefits far exceeded my expectations. I can even sit on the floor while playing with my little grandchildren (this is something I couldn’t do for a long time, before I went to Ruth.) What’s more: Not only did I stop getting stiffer, but I became stronger, more flexible and energetic.
I particularly enjoyed Ruth’s gentle, compassionate, caring and benevolent presence.
If anyone is thinking of going to Ruth but hesitating, my opinion is – give it a go – you’ll have an awesomely beneficial time.”

Betty K Rudd

“When injury strikes, the approach to rehabilitation can take many paths. For me, recovery and then maintaining well-being has been greatly helped by yoga and an extraordinary yoga teacher. Ruth Polden has a natural gift of being able to gently guide you through a progressive development of movements (postures) whilst encouraging your mind to retain a light curiosity about how the body feels. This mind-body experience has enabled me to improve body tone and run more easily. My warmest thanks.”

Graham Pearce

“Having done many different yoga classes over the years I would describe Ruth’s classes as bespoke yoga. She adapts and tailors the postures and sequences to individual needs. Classes are quietly demanding and I have found my strength and flexibility have significantly improved without feeling I’ve ‘done’ very much. Consequently I feel much more aware of my body and at peace with it. The resting and breathing exercises further add to the depth of the class.”

Annabel Kapp


“I love going to Ruth’s yoga classes – she allows me to explore movement in a gentle and slow pace but also challenges me to experience the poses in a very different way to what I have previously practised. In every class she manages to teach me something new about the way my body and mind work. Invariably, at the end of each class, I find myself at peace and relaxed.”

Felicia Canepa

“I’ve followed Ruth’s classes now for 8 years and think they are inspirational. Her sensitive intuitive approach teases out the very best in me. It’s a lovely type of yoga that is health promoting in the most subtle of ways. Her geniality and encouragement is a guidance to a very positive feeling of wellbeing.”

Veronica Matthews

“Doing gentle but profound movements, I’ve been feeling their “ripples” throughout the week. It feels more beneficial than some more active, acrobatic yoga classes.

Hrvojka Kostelic-Swift

“I have been doing yoga with Ruth for 6 years and absolutely love it.
It has helped me to feel wonderfully relaxed and nurtured, increased my flexibility and body awareness and helped me to discover ways to deeply love and respect myself as a beautiful woman.”

Kim Wheatley

“I enjoy the respectful and gentle approach to the postures, many of which are happily unfamiliar. Being introduced to new postures and new ways into familiar postures, after quite a few years of practicing yoga has been exciting.”

Hannah Martin

“Ruth your classes are so refreshing. I deeply value and enjoy exploring and having time to feel what I am doing!”

Jackie Wells

“I will never be able to thank you enough for those lessons that not only helped me get through the birth very easily, but more importantly helped me enjoy every minute of it. The most beautiful experience of my life!

Thank you so much for all your guidance, support and teachings in the previous months. I’m convinced I couldn’t have done it without it, or at least, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it as much and have the confidence I built up trusting my body and my baby and the ability to let go and feel carried by them in this amazing process.”

Amelia Errazurtz


“I really look forward to pregnancy yoga. I came along suffering from a bad back and it has completely eased. The support and advice from Ruth and other mums has been invaluable.”

Hannah Graham

“A friend of mine recommended I try yoga in order to feel more relaxed through my pregnancy. I sooo enjoy the class. There is always a lovely atmosphere. I am starting to appreciate the power of the breath and feel more in touch with my baby and much more positive about my labour and birth.”

Debbie Church

“Ruth is unique and creates a loving and supporting space where you can be yourself, reconnect with your body and take some time out.

… the other mums were very open and honest and it was a supportive space where insecurities were aired and we gave strength to each other through our experiences. Ruth’s guidance and experience as a mother is also invaluable. It’s also not pressured so if you don’t feel like saying much, that’s ok too.
The yoga is gentle and tailored to you and how your body is feeling, and if you just need a lie down and rest that day, that’s fine too! The breathing techniques have been very helpful for self practice. The babies can lie, play, toddle, and often join in when they are more interactive, crawling under you as you are in a position, it’s a lovely time! I always felt so much better when I left than when I arrived, both physically and emotionally. I can’t thank Ruth enough for the special times she created, support she gave, and I highly recommend her classes.”

Helen Edwards


“Mama Yoga far exceeded my expectations! In it I found a nurturing and safe space to not only begin to grow in strength and confidence in my body again but also in my journey as a mother and woman. The experience and wisdom of Ruth and the other Mamas in the group – always shared gently and empathically – was so valuable, practically and emotionally. My son always enjoyed coming along to MamaYoga and it was wonderful to see him progress through the year from lying next to me to standing next to me and ‘helping’ with my poses! The interaction of all the children was always a fascinating and charming part of the group! Some weeks I was able to do more yoga than others, depending on my son’s needs and temperament, yet every week felt beneficial. We were always able to come and to be as we were. MamaYoga was a very special part of my son’s first year of life and my first year as a Mama.”

Sarah Harvey

“Taking Ruth’s class has been like wrapping my most comforting blanket around myself restoring calm and balance to my life.
I attended Ruth’s pregnancy classes and followed up with the post pregnancy classes where I could bring my little boy.
In both classes I felt safe to share my inner most worries and concerns and fantastic mile stones in my little ones development.
I have always found Ruth’s classes insightful and a great environment to get ideas from other mums. There is no judgement only support and discussions.
Ruth’s post pregnancy classes were the highlight of my week. It was a little part of my Inner sanctuary and truly helped me through the harder days of being a new mum.
Ruth is and has been the comforting mother figure through my latest journey. Her patience and guidance with the mums and our little ones is a blessing for any woman who has the pleasure of experiencing her classes. Plus all the babies adore her calmness and cuddles.
And the best bonus of all is that I’ve made some great new friends from this wonderful experience.
So thank you Ruth and In all true sense of the word Namaste xx”

Melanie Smith

“I was looking for a class I could bring my baby to. The pace and the focus of MamaYoga always leaves me revitalised and more energetic. Thank you!”

Anya Smith

Mama-yoga with Ruth was me-time I treasured each week, both for the physical support the yoga gave me but also for the emotional support I received from both Ruth and the other mums. Each week, we would share our trials, triumphs and occasional tears in what can sometimes be the tough early days of new motherhood. Ruth’s caring and empathetic insights and observations, always gently offered, were such a source of encouragement and reassurance. The other, wonderfully supportive, mums also shared ideas and personal examples that would often be so helpful on my own learning journey.
The yoga was gentle, tailored to our personal needs and energy levels each week – but it made such a huge difference to my strength, suppleness and general feeling of well-being. If we had any physical or post-labour issues we could bring them to the class and Ruth would provide exercises to address and release them. It was such a warm, safe and nurturing environment for me as a new mum, and it was lovely to have a class I could enjoy with my new baby. It was wonderful to see our little ones grow and progress each week with us, starting off lying next to us on comfy sheepskin blankets, to learning to roll, crawl and toddle amongst us as we practised our yoga – a magical first year with my baby.

Adrianne Walker