Yoga is for life and living it.


Working one-to-one is a big passion of mine.
It is a really cool and unique process guided by your personal situation and circumstances.


How does it work?

Together we explore your needs and intent. We create a totally bespoke experience that best supports YOU and your life.
This process is always respectful of your personal story, your history and is fueled by your current desires.
I design practical, empowering sessions to suit your life and what you want to achieve.

I love “thinking outside the box.”
Be prepared for a journey of exploration and discovery!

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Working together in this way:

Creates change more quickly.
Enables a process of deeper exploration and discovery.
Equips you with lifelong tools tailored to support YOU and YOUR life.
Fits in and around your personal schedule. So it’s easy and do-able.

Create a dedicated time that suits you,

for yourSELF.

I can meet with you in person or online via Skype

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These sessions are well-suited to the needs of men, as well as women.

Group Sessions

Manage stress levels
Find calm focus and clarity.

Discover ease of movement
Become more comfortable in your body and yourSELF.

Increase energy stores
Feel vital, re-stored, relaxed.

A mindful, person-centred exploration with curiosity and gentleness at its core.

Discover… the power of gentleness. Enjoy… taking time to listen in.
Become… more present in supporting your needs. Nourish… your beautiful self.
Grow… your perception of who you are. Find… new depths of creativity and vitality.

An unconventional, fresh approach informed by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, The Feldekrais Method® and other somatic practises.


unpacking. deconstructing.

Where the postures respectfully support your needs.

Deepen your

exploration and practice.

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These classes are well-suited to the needs of men, as well as women.

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Every pregnancy has a rhythm and a story of it’s own. It is unique.

Your body is beautifully designed to grow and nurture your baby, and from the moments of conception it is creating the perfect space.
Pregnancy is a time of stretching and expanding… not only the shape of your body, but also the shape of your life, as you have known it.

Discover a bigger more powerful sense of yourSELF!

Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary change, and adjustment.
The sessions offer a safe haven to process and absorb all that is happening.

Take time and space to release stress. Discover postures and movement to support you through common symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy.

Prepare for labour, birthing and beyond. A perfect way to take care of YOU.

Meet other women going through very similar experiences.
Feel supported in your choices as a woman and a mother.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practice yoga.

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Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) can be incapacitating.
Many women struggle on stoically. There is a lot you can do to manage and improve PGP.

If you have been diagnosed with Pelvic Girdle Pain, this is for you.
2 private sessions designed to support and manage your Pelvic Girdle Pain.
I meet with you one to one and create a programme of specially designed movements and postures to reduce pain, strengthen muscles, and give you clear guidelines and useful day to day tools and tips to manage your PGP.

What helps ease pain and discomfort.
How you can safely move and manage your day to day without aggravating or creating more stress on the pelvic girdle.
What is helpful and useful and what isn’t.

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Imagine how it would be to feel more grounded & less stressed.

To feel more relaxed and less anxious in your day to day and in your choices as a mama.

An opportunity for some YOU time.
A space in which you can stretch, unravel tension and strengthen and tone your body.

Mama Yoga is gentle and perfectly supports your needs as a new Mama.
It relaxes your mind, invigorates your body and lightens your spirit.

MamaYoga perfectly supports your needs as a new mama.

The yoga is gentle and yet goes deep.


MamaYoga will make your motherhood journey easier, sweeter and lighter.
The session is for you and the children are present.
The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and there is always time to chat and share over a delicious cup of tea at the end of the class.
This supportive and restorative class will help you to feel more energized and less alone.
It’s a great way to meet and connect with other mums, share experiences, information and have fun.
Your baby/babies aren’t expected to be quiet or to last the session without being fed, changed and have lots of cuddles (from me too).

There is time for everything.
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Enriching experiential learning & discovery.

Workshops offer space for concentrated exploration & growth.


To hear first about the workshops I am running:


I run workshops combining yoga and Menopause, Motherhood, Self Care, as well as workshops with a pure yoga focus.

To invite me to run a workshop, send me an email.

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